Niche Site Ideas 2020 : 5 Hot Niches We Found Using Google Trends

13May, 2020


In April, our team has seen a huge spike in searches in various niches as the result of Covid-19. Many have also been wondering is Affiliate Marketing dead? From our current research it is certainly not. Many affiliate website owners have seen a huge spike in traffic and sales. Using Google Trends we want to show you five red hot affiliate marketing niches that have seen an huge increase of searches in the past 12 months. 


Yoga Mats


With more people exercising at home as the result of gyms and fitness centers being closed, thousands are searching for products they can use at home to stay fit. One of the biggest searches right now are for Yoga Mats with the keyword best yoga mats being the most popular. Search inquiries for the product has gone up 32% from last year. 

Gardening Tools 


Gardening tools have always been a hugely profitable home niche with customers buying various products. As the result of more interest in home gardening, the keyword has seen a considerable jump from last year with more than an 44% increase in searches. 

Adult Coloring Books


Coloring books have always been a staple item among children. In the last few years there has been a huge explosion of interest in adult coloring books as an emerging hobby for grownups. The keyword has seen a huge jump in searches with a 75% increase from last year. 

Fire Pit


Fire pits have seen an incredible increase of searches and interest among consumers. This high-ticket niche is becoming a must-have for many homeowners with spacious backyards. The amount of searches has seen an incredible 62% jump from last year.

Home Bars


Home bars are also becoming a very popular home item among consumers looking to enhance their backyards. The high-ticket niche that has seen a huge increase in searches with a 29% jump from last year. 


We have given you a quick list of new areas & items many people are now searching for. We strongly encourage you to use the free Google Trends tool to get real-time search information on various niches, products and items. It can also give you data based on country and city. If you are looking for a more in-depth report on your niche with monthly search volume, related keywords and keyword difficulty, order our custom  keyword niche report

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